De Soto Queen's Court

A Path to Scholarships and Leadership


For over seven decades, the De Soto Queen’s Court has stood as the cornerstone of our community, shining a spotlight on exceptional young women. Ten outstanding individuals will be selected based on their character, academic achievements, strong ethics, and charismatic personalities to join the esteemed Queen’s Court. Each court member receives a scholarship and assumes the role of a goodwill ambassador for the Hernando de Soto Historical Society and Manatee County throughout the ensuing spring season.

Empowering Opportunities for Women:

Members of the Queen’s Court embark on a transformative journey, enriching their networking abilities, honing their leadership skills, mentoring young Conquistadorables, participating in parades, and contributing to community events. They extend warm welcomes to visiting dignitaries and take center stage at the Queen Selection Program. The pinnacle of this experience is the Investiture and Coronation Ball, where two exceptional young women are crowned. This journey is about much more than donning a crown; it’s a gateway to a realm of endless opportunities.

A Time-Honored Tradition:

Since 1941, a Queen has been chosen annually in April to serve as a community ambassador, representing us both locally and internationally. If selected, the Queen and Princess will form an integral part of the Royal Family, advocating for our organization within our community, across the nation, and in our sister city, Barcarrota, Spain. Furthermore, they will receive additional scholarships upon the culmination of their reign.

Becoming a Part of the Legacy:

This extraordinary adventure begins with you. We’re seeking bright young women eager to represent Manatee County and the Hernando de Soto Historical Society. Registration is now open, and we eagerly await your applications.

Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 18 and 22 years of age.
  • Hold a high school diploma.
  • Be a resident of Manatee County or have resided within 25 miles for the past six months.
  • Be single, with no prior marriages.
  • Have a clean legal record, free from any charges or convictions.
  • Have no involvement in illegal substances.

Open Call Info Session:

If you’re keen to learn more about the Hernando de Soto Historical Society and the Queen’s Court, join us for an Open Call Info Session on Saturday, November 4, 2023, from 2PM to 4PM at the Bradenton Yacht Club.